SF Expo Ignite II @ The DNA Lounge on Tuesday

This Tuesday we are going to have an Ignite associated with the Web 2.0 Expo at the DNA Lounge. Doors open at 7PM. The talks start at 8PM. There will be a break after the first set of talks. You must have an Expo Badge to attend. RSVP at Upcoming.

We’ll be posting further updates via Twitter (send “follow w2e” to 40404.) The talks are below:

First Set

  1. Vanessa Fox5 Things Developers Should Know About Search Engines
    750 million people search. Ensure your infrastructure lets search engines turn those searchers into your customers.
  2. James LevyMedill Eats Its Own Dog Food
    In the aftermath of a serious trust scandal, a journalism school asks tough questions about its future. Transparently.
  3. David CalkinsRobots Everywhere!
    Robots are finally here. Brains, bodies, sensors, and actuators – building, using, and buying robots. Where’s your bot?
  4. Christy CanidaHow to Build Online Community Using the 7 Deadly Sins
    Building online community doesn’t have to be complicated — just give people what they REALLY want.
  5. Vinnie LauriaHow to “Use” your Users
    From new features, to bug testing, to driving new traffic – how to get the most out of the community using your product.
  6. Christian CrumlishGrasping Social Patterns
    I will discuss a set of social design patterns I am framing out as Yahoo!’s pattern detective.
  7. Annalee NewitzWhy Giant Monsters Rule
    Giant Monsters 101 — an intro to the greatest giant monsters, what they mean, and how to appreciate their mega-charms.
  8. Kathy SierraKicking Ass
    How to make your users kick ass.

Second Set

  1. Lane BeckerBy the time I finish this talk, everyone in this room will want to run a marathon
    Why every person who spends their day in front of a computer should get up from the chair and run a marathon.
  2. Gregory Dicum – Asking Questions
    Conducting interviews for bloggers and podcasters — techniques, tricks, and pitfalls from offline journalism
  3. John AdamsSnarkatron
    Discusses Snarkatron,a social experiment which allowed audience members to interact with performers using SMS/RSS/WWW
  4. Salim IsmailThe Metaphysics of Growth
    There are core processes that govern how growth/evolution happens. We’ll drill into them and how it affects technology
  5. Jim EdlinCan the web become America’s next polling place?
    Do we really need expensive, specialty machines from dubious companies to run elections, or can the Web do it better?
  6. John AdamsYou Aren’t From Around Here, Are You?
    What technical end users mean when they talk about Web 2.0, as observed in the field well away from Silicon Valley.
  7. Dan ShapiroMake Money Fast: Where the dough is in mobile
    Overview of how to make money building software for mobile phones
  8. Ted RheingoldDogs on the Web
    Let’s follow Ted into Dogster
  9. Sean Bonner – How to cause global chaos with a checkbox
    Riot inducing feedback and fun times when redesigning a global blog network.