Ignite Boston 4 – Tonight!

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The fourth Ignite Boston is this Thursday, September 11, from 6 to 10pm at The Hooley House in the Faneuil Hall area of Boston. Don’t miss out on hearing a special keynote by Tim O’Reilly. There is no cover charge or any sort of fee. The event is free as in ‘Free Beer’. In fact, Microsoft is sponsoring the night and there will be a free beer for those of you who check in when you get there.

RSVP If you plan to attend, email IgniteBoston at oreilly dot com for the chance to win $300 worth of O’Reilly books of your choosing. You must be present to win. There will be other giveaway items like tee-shirts and O’Reilly books that will be distributed during the event.
From 6-6:45 pm, mingle and talk tech with your fellow FOOs, alpha geeks, and techies from the greater Boston area. After the mingling and social stuff, on to the special keynotes — one by Tim O'Reilly and another by Dan Chak [Scaling to the Size of your Problems – author of Enterprise Rails]. Then, onto the lightening talks.
In addition to the two keynotes, here are the talks we have on tap for the evening. They are in no particular order yet.

  • Mansour Raad
    Disaster Routing Application in 24hours

         Deconstructing the 24 hours to build a re-routing application for the Minneapolis I35 bridge collapse.
  • Jon Radoff
    Megatrends in Video Gaming

         A presentation on the who, what and where of current videogame market trends.
  • Wayne Kurtzman
    i can haz analytix?

         Prove success. The 4 things you must know to ACCURATELY measure user behavior, trends, and what to do about them.
  • David BerubeHow To Turn Inevitable Startup Failure Into A Chance For Success

         Most startups fail, and not for technological reasons. Most startups are based on ideas that are, economically speaking, stupid.
  • Brian Peltonen
    Grey Thumb: Artificial life discussion group in Boston

         An overview of research in simulating living systems and evolutionary processes.
  • Benjamin Hil
    Revealing Errors

         Errors can reveal hidden aspects of our technology and, in the process, teach us how this technology affects our lives.
  • Cameron Freer

    vdash – a formal math commons

         The world is ripe for a wiki of computer-checked mathematics that anyone can edit. Learn how you can participate!
  • Joseph Flaherty
    Personal Fabrication: 2013

         How custom manufacturing technology, the Maker movement and other emerging trends will put the “custom” back in customer
  • Ben Grossman
    Aggregation Conversation

         Aggregation has been a ‘make or break’ factor for products, services and brands-hear how it applies to Social Media now.
  • Rahul Dave

    Scaling Astronomy

         Current surveys gather ~50GB/night. In 5 years, 50TB/night. Will we drown, frown or win? Web2, Science, and large data..
  • Jonathan Zdziarski
    iPhone Passcode: Gone in 60 Seconds

         Author Jonathan Zdziarski will demonstrate how easy it is to crack the passcode on an iPhone 3G by breaking a demo unit.
  • John Burkhardt
    What is Live Mesh?

         This talk will describe Windows Live Mesh and how it uses AtomPub and FeedSync as an extensible platform.

We hope to see you at the Hooley House this Thursday evening.

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