The Oprah Effect and the Kindle

Chris Nuttall from the Financial Times says Oprah Winfrey will likely “endorse” the Kindle on today’s show:

Amazon is featuring a trailer of her Friday show on its site with Oprah talking about her new “favourite gadget” which is “life changing for me.” From a side-on view, the product she is talking about looks very [much] like a Kindle.

In an email to subscribers, Amazon says its founder Jeff Bezos will be appearing on Oprah to talk to her about her new favourite gadget.

This report technically qualifies as a rumor, but there’s an awful lot of supporting evidence.

It’ll be interesting to see if Oprah’s influence extends to a $359 device (or a $309 device, after application of the Oprah-approved promo code). And if the Oprah effect leads to a Kindle spike, will Amazon finally reveal sales figures?

(Via the Reading 2.0 list and Teleread)

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