Twitter Quote of the Day: 26 January 2009

@GregorMacdonald: Emily Dickinson on economists falling to Keynes:
“…as Freezing persons recollect the Snow. First-Chill-then Stupor-
then the letting go.”

  • Mark Frauenfelder

    That’s great. It would be interesting to re-read Jack London’s “To Build a Fire” as an allegory about trying to restart the economy.

  • Ouch, Mark. I don’t want to go there.

    Tis true that Dickinson hints at that outcome, but her poem can be read more positively.

    But in any event, economies don’t die, though they do transform, and sometimes reset at a lower level.

  • I’m okay with neoclassical economists being the man, as long as the rest of us get to be the dog.