Four short links: 5 Mar 2009

Google Books, conference books, a museum API, and some number silliness that makes me happy.

  1. Jon Orwant on Google Book Search at TOC — Jon drops info on conversion rates, future plans, mobile, etc. See this post for a roundup of blog-world commentary on the talk.
  2. Brooklyn Museum Collection API — I’ve linked to this amazing museum work before. Now they have an API. Search collections, fetch items, embed in your sites. (via the announcement)
  3. Not So Empty Book — a magazine, built from conference content, four editions of of which were published during the brief course of the LIFT conference this year. Brilliant!
  4. March 5 is the Square Root of Christmas (Ned Batchedler) — maths geekery like this is why I found it difficult to date when I was younger. (I solved the problem by marrying someone who, when I read this post to her, said “oh COOL!”)
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  • Thanks for the nice comment about the “not so empty book” project. Our goal is to develop this project during the other LIFT conference in Korea and Marseilles to be able to edit a yearbook, a collection of thoughts, talks, images of the year.