Ignite Show: Monica Guzman on Being an Awesome News Commenter

This week’s Ignite Show features Seattle PI reporter Monica Guzman. She’s spent most of her career writing for online properties and she’s been able to watch learn what makes for a good conversation around a news item. As someone who also spends a lot of time publishing content online I can appreciate Monica’s thoughts on good commenters and hearing some of what she deals with makes me very appreciative of our readers and how you add to the conversations on our site.

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  • Great episode. The point is almost obvious, but so often ignored. There are folks who comment extensively on popular blogs because they know they’ll get a bigger audience than they might if they had their own blog. But it’s easy to forget that the same is true of newspapers.

    The days of writing letters to the editor that never appear in the paper is over. If a paper allows comments on stories, it really is a great opportunity to shape the coverage and the discussion.

    Monica’s point about not just reacting, but using the story as a springboard to share your own experience, or your well thought-out agreement or disagreement, or to ask questions, is great advice for anyone carrying on a conversation in social media.

    And as she says, once you do get to know reporters (or bloggers) they tend to pay more attention to you. People who’ve made lots of intelligent comments on radar have ended up writing books for us, speaking at our conferences, getting invited to Foo Camp.

  • Hey where is my book deal. I am sure I have made at least a dozen great comments here :) Ok, just kidding.

    All the same it is interesting to see the old world (newspapers) meet 2.0 (commenting / social media).

    Thanks for the interesting episode video.

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