History of Fonts on the Ignite Show

Bram Pitoyo gave a great and informative talk on the History of Fonts at Ignite Portland 5. It’s this week’s episode of the Ignite Show. Enjoy!

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  • I may be a bit of a type nerd myself; though this guy has got me beat by a mile. Great show, very informative, and a lot of fun. Thanks for sharing.

  • Dan,
    Thanks for the compliment. I’m honored! If you’re a type nerd, let’s see it. What project currently has your fancy?

    Brady and Eric,
    Thanks so much for featuring my presentation here. I was able to connect with many people who love type and want to learn more of the same!

  • Martin Horkley

    Does anyone know the software the Bram used for this presentation?

  • Iván


    Me and my friends were in a very awful class about Human Resources when we saw your presentation. NICE JOB!!

    Congratulations for your presentation it was not good it was great!!!

    see ya.

    P.D. We are in Chile right know so you can say that your video is taking a trip around the world. XD

  • Iván

    sorry the previous port was for BRAM not Dan, both names sounds similar so I get confused :P..

  • Martin, I used good ’ol PowerPoint for this presentation. Brady and crew decided to cut the images up and animate it. It looks brilliant, right?

    I composed the actual image and page layout in Adobe Illustrator, though, before exporting as PNGs and importing in PowerPoint. PPT, unfortunately doesn’t have a fine control of typographic arrangement.

  • Iván,

    I’m glad you enjoyed my presentation (and glad that it lightened your Human Resources class out, as well :) Typography may not be my formal line of work, but it definitely has become a personal passion (if not obsession) of mine.

    A successor to this, done in the same manner and style, was presented at Interesting Portland. It was called A Brief (and otherwise secret) History of Sans Serif Typeface.

  • Ronald Indra

    Bram, do you have the video record of this presentation?

  • I believe I do. You can see the recording at http://igniteportland.blip.tv/file/1797088/