Overheard: @andrewsavikas on DRM

There are a lot of things I come across in my day that are too long for twitter, and too short for a regular blog post. Inspired by Nat’s “Four Short Links“, I thought I’d occasionally share great tidbits I’ve read or overheard. Here’s the first.

In a discussion on the Reading 2.0 Mailing List, Andrew Savikas uttered this gem:

There’s a difference between “shouldn’t” and “shouldn’t be able to”.
Personally I believe publishers “shouldn’t” use DRM; but that doesn’t
mean I think they “shouldn’t be able to” if that’s their choice (just
so long as I have the choice *not* to). The market will sort out the

This reminds me of Henry Spencer’s gem from the early days of Usenet, “If Unix didn’t let you do dumb things, it wouldn’t let you do smart things either.”