Wanted: Proposals for TOC 2010

If you follow us on Twitter, you already know that the Call for Proposals is now open for the 2010 Tools of Change for Publishing Conference (Feb. 22-24, 2010 in New York).

One of our main themes last year was that all publishing is now digital publishing, and that’s becoming clearer with each new announcement about a new device, reseller, smartphone, or other new way to reach an audience — an audience that is now often walking around with a bookstore in their pocket or briefcase. Here’s some of the topics we’re looking for:

  • Reaching mobile readers: when your customers carry bookstores in their pockets
  • Pricing and packaging digital books
  • Case studies of successful (or unsuccessful!) new publishing and digital initiatives
  • Case studies from implementing lessons learned at a previous TOC Conference
  • Strategies and tactics for incorporating print-on-demand into a supply chain
  • Moving beyond books: selling merchandise, community, experience, and other scarce goods in a world of “free”
  • Tools and challenges for an efficient all-digital workflow
  • Revising your P&L’s for the economics of digital publishing
  • Understanding and responding to the changing retail landscape
  • Using the web to find and promote the original people behind “user-generated content”–authors
  • Best practices for working with Amazon, Google, and other big internet players
  • How to capture and analyze web metrics of interest to publishers
  • Best new practices and tools for working with and supporting authors during editorial, production and/or marketing phases
  • Systems and devices for displaying digital copy (demos welcome)
  • Business models for delivering and/or receiving material via new devices
  • New copyright clearing, assertion, and determination mechanisms
  • XML, EPUB, RDF, and other TLA‘s (three-letter acronyms) decoded and explained
  • Using open-source tools to assemble a digital publishing workflow

If you have an idea for a session, tutorial, or “lightning demo” we want to hear from you.

And if you’re making plans for the Frankfurt Book Fair, don’t forget to sign up for TOC Frankfurt, a one-day conference looking at these issues from a European perspective.

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