Compared to the US, Facebook is Younger in Asia and the Middle East

Since my last post on the number of active Facebook users, the company once again doubled in Asia, adding more than 14 million active users over the last 12 weeks.


Through the latter part of last week, the company had over 266 million active users.

As the company becomes more mainstream in the U.S., the share of users under 25 years old continues to decline (it went from 45% to 37% in the last 12 weeks). Compare that to regions and countries where the company is growing fastest: users 25 years old or younger accounted for 58% of users in Asia, 54% in South America, and 60% in the Middle East/North Africa.


Over the last 12 weeks teens (13-17) was the second fastest-growing age group in Asia.

Details, including active users by country and age group, can be found below:

(†) We maintain a data mart that contains the number of active Facebook users (dating back to May-08), grouped using a variety of factors including age, country, and gender. Data for this post was through 8/14/2009.