Twitter Approval Matrix – August 2009

This is the fourth post for the Twitter Approval Matrix with data that spanned the month of August and different sources such as, scraping archives, and observations. This month I received help from Joe Fernandez the CEO of Joe provided some great ‘hard’ data that allowed me to better place more items on the grid this month.

A quick refresher, the matrix shows four quadrants used to describe trends found on Twitter, or related sites such as,, etc. The Y-axis is partly analytical and shows popularity (mostly through scraped numbers) or perceived popularity (in the future nominated by you). The other part of the grid is more curated and subjective. The X-axis has been plotted based on my personal opinion. You may agree or disagree with my placements and that’s all good to me. After all, this is partially about taste and numbers. The matrix and plots do not represent a thorough analytical treatment, but rather a view of the trends that could be found in data sources allowing me to plot with some sense of relevance.

Twitter Approval Matrix - August 2009

For this post, I’ve limited the data and activity to the month of August. Again, I’ll continue with this project as long as I get enough feedback/help. So, if you are interested in contributing, you can comment here, or read the original post to figure out the best way for you to submit your plots.

I hope you enjoy this and see it as a potentially useful tool to monitor trends that your fellow readers are both contributing to and tracking.

  • I wonder if it would be possible to automate the scoring of tweets as smart or boring. Doing so would be pretty similar to sentiment analysis.

    If you could provide the raw data, I’d be willing to try to put together a simple boring/smart model for scoring the tweets.

  • Mathew

    I can see how “Twitter, iPhone, Facebook, and Google” hold the top four spots as far as number scraping goes but seriously, if you find them at all as interesting as your placement indicates then you definitely need to work on this method.

  • Thanks for informations my friend..

  • RC

    Aren’t the trends in Twitter the same as in the mass media. I’ve read about it recently. Found an interesting article at pdf search . There are things which are always interesting for people and things which occupy all their thought. I was surprised that it is relationships that people like to chat about most of all. Maybe I’ve understood you wrong but you could select similar trends.