Velocity 2010: Fast By Default

We’re entering our third year of Velocity, the Web Performance & Operations Conference. Velocity 2010 will be June 22-24, 2010 in Santa Clara, CA. It’s going to be another incredible year.

Steve Souders & I have set a new theme this year, “Fast by Default”.  We want the broader Velocity community & to adopt it as a shared mission & mantra. The reason for this is simple…

Fast isn’t a Feature. Fast is a Requirement.

At Velocity earlier this year Marissa Meyer explained why performance mattered so much to Google. Then Eric Schurman (Bing & Velocity Program Committee member) and Jake Brutlag (Google Search) made history with a co-presentation on just how crucial performance is to revenue .

Phil Dixon of Shopzilla explained that a 5 second performance improvement increased their revenue by 7-12 percent while reducing hardware spend by 50%!!!

Fast means Client, Server, Infrastructure, Operations, & Organizations

Getting to Fast isn’t just about any one part of the system. Browser & Client performance is crucial, and requires an equally fast server & infrastructure to support it. When load increases, infrastructure must scale quickly or performance suffers. The operational tools and processes for managing software & infrastructure must support rapid changes in a dynamic environment, and be backed by an organization & culture that embraces it.

We’re Looking for Speakers – Submit your Proposals Now!

Do you have ideas and experience for improving Web Performance & Operations and making things “Fast by Default”? We want you as a speaker at Velocity 2010.

Submit your Proposals Now! Entires are due no later than January 11th, 2010 at 11:59 PM Pacific.

One more thing…

velocity-olc.pngQuite a few people have asked us to have Velocity conferences more frequently & beyond the SF Bay Area, and so we’re going to try something new. On December 8 we’ll be running our first ever Velocity Online Conference.

Past Velocity Conference participants get a 50% discount & get a 25% discount off Velocity 2010.

See the full schedule after the jump…

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