GIW Day One: Germany, Los Angeles, Savannah, Milwaukee and Manchester

Global Ignite Week (GIW) is kicking off today in Germany! From March 1-5 there will be >65 Ignite events happening around the world. Ignite is an opportunity for geeks to share their passions and ideas with local peers. Each speaker gets 20 slides that each auto-advance after 15 seconds for a total of just 5 minutes. The result is bite-size chunks of information that inform the crowd on new topics. There are lots of Ignite videos online.

Mashable has a fun piece with 10 Reasons Why You Should Attend an Ignite this week. Here are the Ignites that are happening today. The very first Ignite of the week will be in Germany and the day will end in LA:

Ignite Berlin

Ignite Frankfurt

Ignite LA

Ignite Manchester

Ignite Munich

Ignite Savannah

Ignite Milwaukee

Global Ignite Week is sponsored by Bing and Facebook (and supported by many others). You can find an Ignite near you or start your own.

  • Nils Hitze

    Thanks for supporting us guys, the Ignite Format totally rocks, alltough i really never will do a Talk again, i will strictly stick to organizing this.

    Video with proof of my own inability will follow soon.

  • bowerbird

    hey brady, ignite #2 in los angeles was very good again.
    perhaps not quite as tight and focused as the first one,
    at least not across the board, but still quite impressive.

    there was one very pleasant surprise, however. :+)

    i don’t know how aware of this you are, but the ignite
    format is similar to the one used in poetry open mikes.
    (we usually have a 3-minute limit, and no slides, but…
    the basic idea is one person cannot bore you for long.)

    and when you were organizing an ignite for berkeley,
    i considered connecting you with a poetry organizer
    to find a few performance poets to mix it up for you…

    one of the los angeles organizers had the same idea.
    mike (or matt?) knew a poet named sekou (da misfit)
    and had him perform in one of the 5-minute slots…

    sekou is a national slam champion (both individually
    and on a team), so he’s one of the best in the field, so
    i shouldn’t have to tell you that it went over quite well.
    but you might want to check out the video to see it…

    i’m not saying you should mix a performance poet into
    _every_ ignite. it would depend on a specific situation.

    but considering the success of rives (who was once a
    national slam champion himself when he lived in l.a.,
    maybe on the same team as sekou) at ted conferences,
    and the great reception shane koyczan’s performance
    received at the vancouver olympics opening ceremonies,
    maybe you _should_ consider it… ;+)