Gov 2.0 Hero Day

A tip of the hat to GovFresh founder Luke Fretwell.

June 15 is Gov 2.0 Hero Day and I’m using it to highlight the work of GovFresh founder Luke Fretwell. Luke started GovFresh a little more than a year ago, and his passion for open government has been a driving force in the Gov 2.0 world.

Luke has been adept at using social media to highlight the progress of the Government 2.0 movement. Now, he’s using those same social media skills to promote Gov 2.0 Hero Day on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. The idea has certainly caught on, with folks from Australia to Washington D.C. to Europe recognizing the heroes of open government.

My hero this year is Luke himself. He’s toiled quietly, and he’s shown us all that by following our passions and working on things that matter, we can make a difference in our world.

Watch below as Luke tells a bit of his story.

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