How open source can improve health care

Three perspectives on the links between health care, government and open source.

The Health IT track at OSCON this week brought together three of the thought leaders working to create a Nationwide Health Information Network (NHIN). They are:

David Riley, head of the CONNECT initiative for the Federal Health Architecture (FHA) Program. Riley is responsible for creating the product direction and overseeing product development for CONNECT.

Brian Behlendorf is a collaboration advisor for the CONNECT project, and he co-founded the Apache Web Server Project.

Arien Malec is the coordinator for NHIN Direct, where he manages the activities of a public-private group that’s developing specifications for data transport in support of the meaningful use rules.

With the health information technology industry ramping up to help physicians and hospitals meet meaningful use, there is opportunity to bring open source solutions to bear. At the intersection of health care, government and open source, these three have a unique perspective on how to address the pressing needs within health care. Watch below as they give an overview of their efforts and explain how open source solutions can help improve our health care system.


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  • Natalie Hodge MD FAAP

    Nice Post Brian! I’d love introductions to David, Brian and Arian through linked in if you know them well enough. We have Dr’s Nuessle, Veneman, and Bosworth launching PM virtual office and we are interested data transport ESPECIALLY for specialist referrals! Keep me posted! We’ll be a health 2.0 in October, hope to meet you there. Specifically many of our physician customers are admitting at referral centers using Epic, so any interconnections you can help us with there would be great!

    Best, Natalie
    ” Your Doctor Comes to You”

  • JeffBrandt

    Thanks for the post. It would be interesting to get some providers input to this presentation.

    Jeff Brandt