"Subscribers: 1"

I was blown away tonight to find that one of my favorite blogs has only one subscriber in Google Reader – me. How can this be?

MADLEY (somewhat NSFW) is written by Cory Madley, a jewelry and clothing designer who owns a boutique in Venice, California. Each of her posts is almost completely visual – a compilation of (I take it) images and ideas that influence her work, with examples of her work interspersed. Each post has a specific theme, pulling in record covers, magazine clippings, runway photos, and whatever else Cory finds inspiring. It’s awesome.

I probably would never have started reading the blog if I didn’t know Cory personally, but now I just love it. Whatever automated recommendation systems there are out there don’t seem to know enough to tell other people how awesome it is, so I’m telling you instead. I think the post-Web 2.0 word for manual work is “curating,” so that’s what I’m doing. Curating your butt over to my friend’s awesome blog. Go!