Computers, Freedom, and Privacy enters 21st year at a moment of hot debate

The legendary and redoubtable Computers,
Freedom, and Privacy conference
takes place this year from June
14-16 in Washington, DC, just steps from the Capitol building in
Washington, DC where many of the conference topics are under
discussion. Yesterday I talked to Lillie Coney of the Electronic Privacy Information
and Jules Polonetsky of the Future of Privacy Forum,
cochairs of CFP this year, about what makes the conference unique and
how it will illuminate the pressing issues of Twitter revolutions (or
whatever role the Internet may play), surveillance and tracking,
security of personal health data, and more.

Conference organizers are reaching out to Congress and administration
leaders, confident that high-level representatives will speak (as well
as listen) this year as they have in the past. But one of the
conference’s strengths is to raise its eyes past the United States and
look at other places in the world where online privacy is being
handled better, or not as well. Many of the leaders who have made
headlines in recent revolutions have been invited.

Listen to the interview for more information about CFP and how you can get involved.

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