O'Reilly will go dark on January 18

O'Reilly's websites will go dark in protest of SOPA and PIPA.

On January 18, from 5 am to 5 pm PT, oreilly.com, Radar, Make, igniteshow.com, and our conference sites will join a growing number of companies and individuals to protest SOPA, the Stop Online Piracy Act, and PIPA, the Protect IP Act, by going dark.

As we’ve noted in recent coverage and commentary, SOPA and PIPA pose a considerable threat to the content industries, the Internet’s architecture, cybersecurity, future businesses, and Internet innovation.

We believe going dark is the principled action to take.


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  • Right on guys! Glad to see you all joining the fight on more than just a content prospective.

  • Tim – I don’t understand why big sites like OReilly.com think going dark is an effective way to protest ignorance. Why not light things up extra bright, and focus **everything** on the sites on explaining the short-sightedness and stupidity of #SOPA and #PIPA.