Jason Grigsby and Lyza Danger Gardner on mobile web design

Best practices and common mistakes in mobile web development.

This Velocity podcast with Cloud Four founding members Jason Grigsby (@grigs) and Lyza Danger Gardner (@lyzadanger) centers on mobile web performance. It’s a fitting topic since these two wrote “Head First Mobile Web.” Jason and Lyza have interesting insights into building high-performance websites that are ready for mobile.

Our conversation lasted nearly 20 minutes, so if you want to pinpoint any particular topic use the specific timing links noted below. The full interview is embedded at the end of this post.

  • The difference between a website and a mobile website 00:00:50
  • What tools are available for determining your performance benchmarks for a mobile web site? 00:03:18
  • What considerations need to be taken into effect to truly build a site that performs like greased lightning? 00:05:02
  • Has Google improved its Android browser to catch up with the Chrome browser? 00:07:04
  • What are some of the most common mistakes or patterns that developers make when building a mobile web site? 00:08:08
  • What do the two terms “mobile-first responsive web design” and “progressive enhancement” mean? 00:12:36
  • How do you make progressive enhancements when one Android phone may have five different browsers? Do you have five forks of a code base? 00:13:30
  • How do developers pick up best practices for mobile web development? 00:15:38
  • The mobile platform keeps growing and bringing lots of change. 00:17:13

If you would like to hear Jason Grigsby speak on “Performance Implications of Responsive Web Design,” he is presenting at the 2012 Velocity Conference in Santa Clara, Calif. on Tuesday, June 26 at 1 pm. We hope to see you there.

Velocity 2012: Web Operations & Performance — The smartest minds in web operations and performance are coming together for the Velocity Conference, being held June 25-27 in Santa Clara, Calif.

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