Building Great Tech Company Culture

A Conversation with Svpply's Greg Leppert

I was lucky enough to have a chance to talk with Greg Leppert, co-founder of the awesome website Svpply. He’s always had a unique and eloquent perspective on what makes organizations stay grounded and do good work, so I was really excited to talk with him.

Our conversation went in some really interesting directions: we talked about how best to set guidelines for employees, dealing with uncertainty as a leader, and making sure that you know what’s going on on the front lines.

Talking with Greg made me think harder about how to set up a hiring process, and how I know what’s really going on with my reports.

Eli Goodman is director of engineering at Etsy and program chair for Cultivate, a new O’Reilly Media event focusing on leadership issues at technology companies and best practices for managing tech teams.

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