Four short links: 2 May 2016

AI Values, Grokking Live Video, Teaching the Future, and Service Workers are the Future

  1. Digital GeniesThe worst thing is a machine that has the wrong values, but is absolutely convinced it has the right ones, because then there’s nothing you can do to divert it from the path it thinks it’s supposed to be following. But if it’s uncertain about what it’s supposed to be following, a lot of the issues become easier to deal with because then the machine says, OK, I know that I’m supposed to be optimizing human values, but I don’t know what they are. It’s precisely this uncertainty that makes the machine safer, because it’s not single minded in pursuing its objectives. It allows itself to be corrected.
  2. Twitter’s AI for Live Video (MIT TR) — deep learning to recognise activity and objects in videos, so Periscope live streams can be searched for and found. I imagine there’s a large portion of the deep learning devoted to forbidden pink.
  3. Teach the Future — materials to “teach the future as we teach the past”, for students in secondary or later. (via Stuart Candy)
  4. Well-Crafted Websites (Adrian Holovaty) — It’s clear to me, studying the history, that service workers are the next big “well-crafted” hint. The signs and similarities are all there. Today, they’re used mostly by fringe sites, in an experimental fashion. It’s inevitable that in a short generation they’ll become common and expected.

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