Four short links: 6 May 2016

Apple Music UX, Awesome Tensorflow, DNS Chokepoint, and Open Source Bibliometrics

  1. Apple Stole My Music, No SeriouslyAmber relayed to me that she’s had to suffer through many calls from people who cancelled their Apple Music subscription after the free, three-month trial, only to discover that all of their own music files had been deleted and there was no way to get them back. It seemed like a good idea at the time, I’m sure. The product manager said “no, we’ll make them click through a warning, it’ll be fine. The service is amazing, nobody will go back.” I also find the pro/am distinction interesting: anyone who is serious about a medium despises the tools for managing their collection.
  2. Awesome Tensorflow… a curated list of awesome TensorFlow experiments, libraries, and projects.
  3. Elsevier Shuts Down a Sci-Hub Domain — DNS proving a coarse-grained but effective chokepoint, the Web’s app store single-throat-to-choke. Sure can still go straight to IP address, but that’s for nerds not normals.
  4. OpenBR — open source biometrics.

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