Ari Gesher

Ari Gesher is a senior software engineer and tech blogger at Palantir Technologies. At Palantir, Ari is focused developer APIs for backend services and the systems engineering that goes into Palantir's servers. Before Palantir, he was part of the team, maintaining the website and systems that make the site go. Ari lives in San Francisco, where he tries to stay current in the electronic music scene and find time to hack on microelectronics.

Good data cuts through the chaos in Haiti

How aggregated data sources and deep analysis are helping Haiti relief efforts

A host of relief organizations quickly converged on Haiti in the wake of January's earthquake. But each group had its own data, its own structures, and sometimes, its own language. In this guest post, Palantir Technologies software engineer Ari Gesher explains how his company helped important data spread across organizations.