Brett Sheppard

Brett Sheppard, @zettaforce, is executive director at Zettaforce and a former senior analyst at Gartner. His work focuses on enabling advanced analytics and collaboration for enterprises and public sector organizations.

T-Mobile challenges churn with data

T-Mobile's architecture helps it put data to use across the business.

Mobile service provider T-Mobile uses a federated architecture and virtual data zones to empower innovations in regional marketing, churn management and customer care.

Get started with Hadoop: From evaluation to your first production cluster

Best practices for evaluating Hadoop and setting up an initial cluster (updated March 2012)

Focusing on the Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) and MapReduce, this in-depth piece — updated March 2012 — offers tips for organizations that are looking to evaluate Hadoop and deploy an initial cluster.

Outliers and coexistence are the new normal for big data

Analysis of complete data sets and integration of new tools are leading to revenue growth and new business models.

To benefit from advanced analytics and study complete huge data sets, many enterprise architectures are evolving into coexistence environments that combine legacy and new systems.