Bruce Stewart

Bruce Stewart received a degree in computer science from Sonoma State University, but started working in telecommunications while still an undergraduate. After working on several large PBX installations, Bruce went on to manage the telecom departments for two universities. Now focused on editorial endeavors, Bruce is a freelance technology writer and editor and an active parent of two young boys. Bruce was the editor of O'Reilly's Emerging Telephony and sites.

The convergence of biometrics, location and surveillance

Mary Haskett and Alex Kilpatrick examine biometrics in a surveillance society.

Future applications of biometrics promise increased security and convenience, but they could also dilute our expectations of privacy. In this interview, Where 2.0 speakers Mary Haskett and Alex Kilpatrick discuss what lies ahead in the biometrics world.

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Why Motorola may move beyond Android

Motorola is reportedly developing its own mobile OS. Here's a few reasons why that makes sense.

Motorola is reportedly developing its own web-based mobile OS, sparking speculation that the handset maker could be diversifying beyond Android.

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4G is a moving target

The official definition of 4G is different from the marketing term.

The "4G" mobile companies are touting isn't necessarily in line with the formal specification. The big question is: Do consumers really care?

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Are we too reliant on GPS?

Ubiquity, fragility and limited alternatives raise concerns about GPS.

A number of mistaken and intentional misuses of GPS technology have raised concerns among researches and government agencies.

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Why location data is a mess, and what can be done about it

SimpleGeo's Chris Hutchins on the state of location data and the future of location services.

Usage restrictions and ever-expanding datasets make location data hard to manage. In the following interview, SimpleGeo's Chris Hutchins explains how companies and developers can address the location mess.

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Privacy law needs a reboot

The ACLU's Nicole Ozer on location-based services and outdated privacy protections.

Electronic privacy protections worked great when mobile was a novelty and location services were confined to paper maps. But now, the ACLU's Nicole Ozer says companies and consumers need to pay heed to privacy concerns while we wait for the law to catch up.

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Healthier living through mobile location data

RunKeeper CEO Jason Jacobs on the implications of mobile location technology.

RunKeeper CEO Jason Jacobs discusses the state of mobile location technology and how he sees it evolving in the near future (hint: we may be on the verge of "thoughtful" services).

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