Jeevan Padiyar

A pioneer in the book rental industry, Jeevan is CEO/CFO of BookSwim. Jeevan helped shape podcast monetization as chairman and CFO of RawVoice, Inc., making ad deals with GoDaddy, Citrix and HBO. Prior to that, he studied medicine at Albert Einstein College of Medicine as a Howard Hughes Medical Institute Fellow. Before coming to New York, Jeevan founded arena blimp manufacturer Simply Blimps. He led it to $30M in sales in five years, with clients like NHL, NBA, Yum Brands and Subway.

Is Your Survey Data Lying to You?

Statistical nuggets are great because in isolation they give us a glimpse into why people do what they do, and how we can adjust our business to match market needs. But how often do we blindly accept data because it comes with pretty graphs and sound bites that seem to make sense? Probably more often than we'd like to admit.
The best way to ensure that we are not led astray, is to look at what biases have been introduced into a study before using its data to make a decision.