Liza Daly

Liza Daly is the president of Threepress Consulting and an experienced software engineer in digital publishing. In 2008 she developed Bookworm, one of the first open source EPUB readers, which is now hosted and sponsored by O’Reilly Media. In 2010 she is launching Ibis Reader, a cross-platform, HTML5-based mobile web reading system. Liza is a strong advocate for experimentation, agile development, and innovation in publishing.

What OpenID Can Do for Academic Publishers

Free identity management can transform the way students and scholars read online.

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Storytelling 2.0: Alternate Reality Games

Storytelling is no longer passive entertainment. Alternate reality games are one new way publishers are engaging readers and turning them into participants.

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What Makes a Collaborative Writing Project Successful?

Publishers have experimented with wikis and computer games to create successful collaborative projects. We explore some lessons learned from recent projects, and describe a newly-launched game from The Guardian.

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Iliad Book Edition E-Reader Coming to UK

iRex releases the next version of its iLiad E-Reader, but a high price tag means widespread adoption is unlikely.

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Tutorial: Add AB Meta Tagging to Your Blog

Start using Adaptive Blue's AB Meta format in your existing blogs.

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Ebook Format Primer

Ebook readers support (or don't support) dozens of formats. Which ones have a future?

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