Lucy Gray

Lucy is employed by the Center for Elementary Mathematics and Science Education at the University of Chicago as an education technology specialist. In her current role, she advises curriculum developers, researchers, and direct service providers on the most current developments in educational technology and on applications of this technology for all facets of the Center's work. She also provides technology-focused professional development and coaching to teachers and schools in support of their implementation of Everyday Mathematics and Science Companion curriculum materials.

Outside of her day job, Lucy is the founder of the Global Education Collaborative, a social networking site for educators interested in promoting global competencies through project-based learning. She is also active in the Apple Distinguished Educator and Google Certified Teacher communities and blogs at High Techpectations.

Education's real superheroes assemble

What is global education? A free online conference addresses that question.

The free 2010 Global Education Conference will examine various definitions of "global education" and how global awareness can become part of learning's fabric.

A constellation you should know

A look at Chicago's i.c.stars educational program.

This blog post has been sitting on my computer’s desktop for a few weeks now…. I’m finally getting around to telling you about a great week I had at the end of May. It started off with a brief trip to Northern California with stops at Dale’s amazing Maker Faire (equally impressive were his sprinting skills as he leapt into…

Using technology to support global education

In the summer of 2006, I was very fortunate to travel to Europe with colleagues in the Apple Distinguished Educator program and it proved to be an inspiring, life-changing event for me. Tasked with writing a global awareness curriculum infused with digital content, we spent 10 days in Berlin and Prague, constantly photographing, filming, and discussing our experiences. As a…

Envisioning educational technology in schools

I'm an advocate for encouraging school districts to plan for effective instructional use of technology. This may seem rather obvious to many, but in the course of my work as an educator, I've seen very few institutions do this well. Specifically, I'd like to see communities hold thoughtful conversations around how schools and families can support students' development towards becoming…

Looking beyond the digital divide

At a previous point in my career, I benefited from professional development, autonomy in my classroom, and a superb technology infrastructure to become a connected, inspired and effective educator. Now, with the current climate in the field of education in the U.S., I fear that other teachers will lose, or never even experience, similar opportunities. As an education technology advocate interacting with teachers in a variety of settings, I see that our students are receiving vastly different types of education. This divide trickles specifically down to the educational technology experiences our students are receiving in schools, too.