Matthew Russell

Matthew Russell is a computer scientist and author with deep expertise in open source, data mining, and web application technologies. He has authored the O'Reilly titles Mining the Social Web" and "Dojo: The Definitive Guide." Matthew has worked extensively with the government as well as the private sector in and out of uniform to ensure that complex software is delivered on time and under budget in the midst of even the most difficult of circumstances.

Opening up the mobile wallet

Plastic may have toppled cash, but mobile payments are poised for the next takeover.

Three executives from companies immersed in the mobile payment space (PayPal, Eventbrite and iConcessionStand) weigh in on the current and near-term state of mobile commerce.

Open source cuts microlending complexity

The Mifos Initiative is using open source software to serve the developing world.

Creating financial software for the developing world is tricky business. Variations between countries — and between the banks within those countries — make proprietary solutions unsustainable without massive investment. The Mifos Initiative has gone a different route: manage an open source project that lets banks customize software to meet their unique microlending needs.