Mark Sigal

Mark Sigal is the Chief Product Officer at Unicorn Labs, a builder of iOS Games, eBooks and Educational Apps. He is an eight-time entrepreneur, whose ventures span mobile, digital media, social networking and platform development. Sigal maintains a personal blog called The Network Garden.

Four core takeaways from Apple's WWDC keynote

The WWDC keynote clarified Apple's Post-PC vision and hinted at disruption and competition to come.

Mark Sigal says Apple's WWDC keynote was designed to deliver an awe-inspiring but chilling message: Whether you're a prospective customer, developer, channel partner, or competitor, "resistance to Apple is futile."

The magic adapter: Apple TV and the battle for the living room

Why conventional wisdom about Apple's failure to secure the living room is wrong.

The Apple TV appears to be an afterthought, but its iOS-based second generation may actually blaze Apple's trail into the connected living room.

Running up the score: Thoughts on iPad 2 announcement

Commentary: Why 2011 will be the year of iPad 2.

While it's tempting to see the battle between iOS-powered iPads and Android-powered tablets as close, Mark Sigal says the iPad 2 launch showed that Apple is blowing out the competition.

In Google's "glass house," a battle with Bing looms

Commentary: Copy or theft? How Google set themselves up to get Bing’d.

Is Google's recent war of words with Microsoft a case of calling a thief out by name, or a matter of pot calling kettle black?

Anatomy of an ebook app

Lessons learned while building a top 20 ebook for the iPad.

"Rabbit and Turtle's Amazing Race" was featured by Apple (leading to a 3-5X bost in paid downloads) and for a time became one of the top grossing App Store ebooks. Mark Sigal discusses the lessons he learned while developing and marketing the title.

Apple's segmentation strategy, and the folly of conventional wisdom

Ten years after an iPod powered rebirth, Apple's run continues unabated.

While it is almost heretical to challenge widely-held beliefs about loosely-coupled, open strategies prevailing over tightly-integrated, proprietary ones, Apple's debunking of conventional wisdom continues unabated. Love them or hate them, it helps to understand why they are winning.

Facebook Mountain ("I wish I knew how to quit you")

Why abysmal customer satisfaction levels won't stop the social giant.

Facebook is an unstoppable force, rocketing to 500 million users, building a breakout software platform and hardwiring the web with "Like" buttons and single sign-on via Facebook Connect. This piece looks at the reasons why, even in the face of abysmal customer satisfaction levels that rank below the airline industry, the social networking giant's reign is only getting started.

Ruminations on iPhone 4, iOS and mobile video

We're on the cusp of the post-PC era, and Apple is pushing us there.

Follow the path that Apple has forged in creating a 100-million-device-strong iOS platform and ecosystem (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad). Next, watch the seamless flow of tens of billions of consumer downloads from an iTunes and App Store marketplace that is backed by 150 million active credit cards. Whether you consider the emerging "it" a phone, a computer, a media player, a netbook or a gaming device, is it even a stretch to argue that Apple is on the cusp of completing the last mile to the Post-PC era?

Five reasons iPhone vs Android isn't Mac vs Windows

Competitive lessons from the PC era don't always apply to mobile

It's human nature to look to the past to predict the future. That's why it's unsurprising to see knee-jerk conclusion that Apple iPhone vs Google Android will mirror the PC wars. Here's five reasons why this time, it's different.

Grumpy old men, the "Inmates" and margins

iPad, iPhone and the future of computing

As the iPad descends upon us, it is fair to ask, "Is this the beginning of the end, or the end of the beginning?" Depending upon whom you ask, the conclusions vary widely. The yin and yang of openness vs. integrated raises a fundamental question that underscores the battle being fought in the simmering industry battle between Apple and Google.