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Top Stories: August 22-26, 2011

Top Stories: August 22-26, 2011

The legacy of Steve Jobs, the sweet spot between data and art, and a deep dive into Google+

This week on O'Reilly: Mark Sigal examined the legacy of Steve Jobs, we talked with New York Times data artist Jer Thorp about the commingling of data, art and science, and Tim O'Reilly and Google VP of Product Bradley Horowitz discussed Google+, data portability and more.

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Health gets personal in the cloud

Health gets personal in the cloud

Google Health Beta and Microsoft's My Health Info

Healthcare in the near future will be quite different than it is today. Web enabled technology is already changing the way medicine is practiced. As the digital nation comes of age we will see new opportunities, and new challenges, bringing healthcare in America into the 21st century. Health consumers will come to expect they will have control over their own health data. Having secure, interoperable access to clinical data will allow patients to partner with their care providers in new ways incorporating Web 2.0 principles.

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Converting to Electronic Health Records: fits and starts

Converting to Electronic Health Records: fits and starts

Data and communications are critical contributors to health care. I recently attended a forum on how my state, Massachusetts, is facilitating the move to Electronic Health Records, a prerequisite for many things doctors, patients, and insurance companies can do to improve health. It’s notable that the chief sponsor of the event, the Massachusetts Health Data Consortium, was largely set up by insurance companies. Lots of invective has been thrown at these companies recently, but the questions of technology can pull together the insurers, providers, and patients in a common quest. My own understanding of the progress and frustrations in deploying heath care technology was enhanced by the conversations I had that day and the statistics bandied about.

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The Coming Readers' Economy and Data Portability

This is a guest post by Mark Bertils. At the end of last year one event signaled a huge shift in how the book publishing industry will do business. It's not what you think. It was December's launch of Facebook Connect. A land grab for user identities followed. The Web's people economy is coming of age. Facebook's Squid Tries to…

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MySpace's Data Availability is not Data Portability

Yesterday MySpace, Yahoo!, eBay, Photobucket (also owned by News Corp), and Twitter announced the Data Availability Initiative. While I could write at length about how this shows the big companies have already realized how to diminish the DataPortability group's brand by linking anything they do "data portability," that isn't the point of this post. The crux of the announcement yesterday…

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