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How To Read O'Reilly EPUB eBooks on your iPhone with Stanza

Update 12/1/08: O'Reilly ebooks can now be downloaded directly to an iPhone or iPod Touch through Stanza. Learn more here. Since we released 30 of our books as ebook bundles (including EPUB, PDF, and Kindle-compatible Mobipocket format) as a pilot program, a steady stream of customers has been asking how to view them on their iPhone. The quickest and easiest…

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Aggregated Ebook Service Suits Research Publisher

An understanding of audience goals can prove fruitful in digital publishing, according to Cynthia Cleto, global manager for e-books and e-product management at research publisher Springer. From a Q&A at TechNewsWorld: … our readers are working at a desk somewhere and they want specific information at their fingertips in a hurry because of whatever they are working on. Relaxation…

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Next Generation OLPC: E-Reader in Waiting?

Laptop Mag has an early look at the next-generation One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) XO-2, and the concept's book-like form factor is sure to turn a few heads in the e-reader world: [Nicholas] Negroponte didn't share many details about the XO-2's hardware, but the new system has two touch-sensitive displays. As you can see from the video and the pictures,…

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IDPF: Boundaries of Participation

I wanted to add a few of my own thoughts to Andrew's last post on the AAP and the IDPF. I agree that there is too much emphasis on a replication of the print page, and too little engagement in re-envisioning the product so that it supports a diversity of distribution channels and ultimately, product conceptualizations. For that matter, many…

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Another Perspective on the AAP/EPUB Endorsement

Adobe’s Bill McCoy has responded to my post on the AAP’s endorsement of the EPUB format over on his blog: Andrew says he’s "not clear why it’s the IDPF’s problem to deal with conversion into non-standard formats" and quality assurance of the results. But this is the AAP, comprised solely of publishers, speaking to the IDPF, a broader group…

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Will Apple Challenge the Kindle?

Rex Hammock re-launches consideration of why Apple would give Amazon a run for ebook readers and content distribution: Apple won’t stand still and let Amazon have this market [e-readers] all to itself. As I’ve written about ad-naseum, a slightly larger iPod Touch [view concept image] linked to eBooks distributed via the iTunes store would match and raise the game with…

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Looking at EPUB's Flexibility and Fidelity

Jon Noring at TeleRead discusses the fundamental importance of the AAP's endorsement of the EPUB specification and format: The following two points in AAP’s letter are germane to this article: 1. AAP sees retailers selling EPUB directly to consumers … as well as selling derivative formats converted from EPUB. Publishers understand the great flexibility that EPUB provides. 2. AAP…

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AAP Passive-Aggressively Endorses EPUB

Note: Most of this post was drafted on the train ride back from New York on Wednesday night, and I held off posting it because I thought it sounded too snarky. Well, a day later I still think it sounds snarky, but that's a consequence of how strongly I feel about this stuff. I really do have a lot…

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Iliad Book Edition E-Reader Coming to UK

iRex releases the next version of its iLiad E-Reader, but a high price tag means widespread adoption is unlikely.

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Q&A: Philip Parker, Developer of Automated Authoring Platform

Philip Parker uses his automated authoring process to develop thousands of books across 17 different genres.

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