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Left and right and wrong

Political and process disconnects show up everywhere, including health IT.

Fred Trotter has often said the problems in health IT are political and not technical, but sometimes a picture can drive a point home better than words.

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Parts of healthcare are moving to the cloud

Cloud-based electronic health record services are gaining traction.

Brian Ahier looks at offerings from CareCloud and athenahealth that combine cloud-based access with electronic health records.

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The Direct Project in action

Houston's healthcare community is deploying a Direct Project pilot.

Jim Langabeer, CEO of Greater Houston Healthconnect, discusses the implementation goals and hurdles related to a Direct Project pilot program.

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Direct Project will be required in the next version of Meaningful Use

The Direct Project is poised to become the first health Internet platform.

Given the way that healthcare is financed in the U.S., it's reasonable to expect that many doctors will have a Direct email address to communicate with other doctors and their patients in a few years.

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Are EHRs safe?

Electronic health records are fundamentally dangerous. They're also safer than the current model.

As a society, we need to get comfortable with the notion that Electronic Healthcare Records will both help and hurt people. On balance, they will do far more good than harm.

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Why geeks should care about meaningful use and ACOs

How healthcare data reforms and incentive reforms are connected.

Clinical people tend to focus on meaningful use incentives as "how do I get paid to install an EHR." But geeks can see the bottom line: healthcare reform is pointless unless we get the measurement issue right.

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OSEHRA's first challenge: VistA version control

The VA VistA EHR resists version control systems, which prevents open collaboration.

Veteran Affairs' VistA electronic health record system is famously resistant to being managed by version control. That needs to improve if VistA development is to be run as a meritocracy.

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OSEHRA and the future of VA VistA

Veterans Affairs launches its electronic health record system as an open-source project.

Veterans Affairs is taking the bold step of making governance of the VistA system open source. If you care about healthcare software, the new Open Source Electronic Health Record Agent (OSEHRA) is worth your involvement.

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Open source alchemy: Health care and Alembic at OSCON

Brian Behlendorf and David Riley on open source health solutions and the Aurion project.

In a series of short video interviews, Brian Behlendorf and David Riley discuss the intersection of open source and electronic health records, and they outline the mission of the Aurion project.

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OSCON preview: Shahid N. Shah on medical devices and open source

Connecting medical devices to electronic health record systems, and the roles of open source software, regulation, and clinical improvement.

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