"future of the book" entries

Publishing News: The 99-cent problem

Author Melissa Foster on cheap books, geeks join the battle against SOPA, and the future of storytelling arrives.

An author shares her views on the 99-cent price point, a new Firefox add-on uncensors SOPA's censorship, and "The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore" app really is fantastic.

We're in the midst of a restructuring of the publishing universe (don't panic)

Hugh McGuire says the disruption publishing has endured is a mere hint of what's to come.

Hugh McGuire, co-author of "Book: A Futurist's Manifesto," explains why publishing's digital transformation goes way beyond format shifts. He also reveals nine ways the publishing industry will change over the next five years.

The agile upside of XML

Anna von Veh and Mike McNamara on the benefits of XML and the tech-driven future of publishing.

Frankfurt TOC presenters Anna von Veh, a consultant at Say Books, and Mike McNamara, managing director at Araman Consulting Ltd & Outsell-Gilbane UK Affiliate, discuss xml workflows, the (sorry) state of ebook design, and how books and the web will evolve.

If you're a content designer, the web browser will be your canvas

Peter Brantley on designing and thinking browser first.

The Internet Archive's Peter Brantley discusses the influence of web browsers on content design and the challenges of complex media.