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Why HTML5 is worth your time

Eric A. Meyer on HTML5's future and the skills developers need to acquire

HTML5 vs. Flash debates are engaging. No doubt about that. But if you strip away the bombast, you'll find that HTML5 also offers an interesting feature set that's worth investigating. In this Q&A, HTML/CSS expert and author Eric A. Meyer explains why HTML5, CSS and JavaScript are the "classic three" skills developers and designers need to acquire.

Four short links: 26 November 2009

Four short links: 26 November 2009

Ed Data, Robot Talk, Gorgeous Web Layout, and Copyright Laws

  1. 1 in 3 Schools — visual exploration of education data is the latest BERG project, and they’ve found a new application for a cute visualization and they’re calling the result Chernoff Schools. Recommended reading for those interested in visualization or education.
  2. The Robots Podcast — self-explanatory. (via So Where’s My Robot?)
  3. Dive Into HTML 5 (Mark Pilgrim) — absolutely gorgeous layout. The first thing I’ve seen that makes me want HTML 5. (Apparently O’Reilly will be publishing it when it’s finished. Yay, us!)
  4. Copyright Watch — a repository of national copyright laws.

New info on upcoming Ibis Reader from @liza's threepress — another books-in-cloud model

Our part of this open ecosystem is Ibis Reader, an in-development digital reading system for a range of internet devices that provides access to books both online and offline. Like Bookworm, it provides ePub support and a traditional web interface. via blog.threepress.org Posted via web from Andrew's posterous…

Why is HTML Suddenly Interesting?

After a decade of quiet, HTML is a hot topic once again. While there is pent-up demand for new features, the conversation reflects a more basic change in the Web's landscape.

Google's Browser-Based Plan for Ebook Sales

BEA '09 may be remembered as the moment when Google formally entered the ebook market. From the New York Times: Mr. [Tom] Turvey [director of strategic partnerships at Google] said Google's program would allow consumers to read books on any device with Internet access, including mobile phones, rather than being limited to dedicated reading devices like the Amazon Kindle. "We…

Google I/O keynote, day 1

Just one very quick note: When Apple released the iPhone, I said that they had changed the game. Not because they had created the coolest, prettiest phone in history, but because had a phone with a real browser that suppported real HTML with real JavaScript. You can write cool apps in Cocoa, sure. But what's more important is that you…

Google Bets Big on HTML 5: News from Google I/O

"Never underestimate the web," says Google VP of Engineering Vic Gundotra in his keynote at Google I/O this morning. He goes on to tell the story of a meeting he remembers when he was VP of Platform Evangelism at Microsoft five years ago. "We believed that web apps would never rival desktop apps. There was this small company called Keyhole,…