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Open Question: Have You Seen a Kindle in Public?

We pose a few non-scientific questions about device ubiquity.

Books Fail to Crack Top 100 in iTunes App Store

Analysis from O'Reilly Radar shows that the Books category in the App Store is lagging behind others.

Technology's "Killer" Distraction

Is anyone else tired of all these so-called Google killers?

Publishing Industry Not Prepared for "iPod Moment"

From Times Emit: … in the light of consumer demand, there is actually very little [ebook] supply – then surely an "iPod for books" moment could actually be a disaster for the publishing industry, forcing keen and hungry consumers to find their electronic content from other (possibly illegal) sources – as with happened with the ipod moment for, um,…

iPhone & iPod Knockoffs in China

In Beijing we found a lot of electronics knockoffs. These weren't the extra-runs-at-the-same-factory variety, but instead an entirely different product with similar hardware and branding. I saw "Sony" cameras, "Nokia H-Series" phones, fake iPhones, and fake iPods. Several times the people behind the counter thought that they were the real deal and didn't understand my reluctance to purchase anything….