On co-creation, contests and crowdsourcing

A portrait of a design contest and what it says about the future of co-creation.

I had decided to update the branding at one of my companies, and that meant re-thinking my logo. Here’s the old logo: The creative exercise started with a logo design contest posting at 99designs, an online marketplace for crowdsourced graphic design. When it was all done, I had been enveloped by…
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Jason Huggins' Angry Birds-playing Selenium robot

Jason Huggins' Angry Birds-playing Selenium robot

How a game-playing robot could help shape the future of mobile testing.

If you try to talk to Jason Huggins about Selenium, he'll probably do to you what he did to us. He'll bring his Arduino-based Angry Birds-playing testing robot to your interview and then he'll relate his invention to the larger problems of mobile application testing and cloud-based testing infrastructure.

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Maker Faire Detroit this weekend

Maker Faire Detroit this weekend

Maker Faire Detroit will be held July 30 and 31

In our second Detroit Maker Faire we're able to see all kinds of examples of how makers have become resources for the community, contributing in Detroit and the region.

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Detroit Can Do Camp – July 29

Detroit Can Do Camp – July 29

As part of the week leading up to Maker Faire Detroit, we have organized Can Do Camp for Thursday, July 29 at Eastern Market in Detroit. Can Do Camp is an informal day for makers to meet each other and explore the DIY mindset. This mindset is a powerful and positive force for building hands-on communities as well as fostering innovation and developing a diverse, creative culture. Can Do Camp will bring together what President Obama called “the risk-takers, the doers, the makers of things.”

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Maker Faire mimesis and open speculation

Maker Faire
is a string-and-duct-tape combination of O’Reilly’s, Emerging
Technology, Open Source, and Money:Tech conferences. The ultimate
impact, like the free software movement, is to enhance everyone’s
mastery of their environments and both the tools and the confidence
for solve one’s own problems. This process–which reflects the way
most of the great scientists became their mature selves–can not only
increase the number of scientists and engineers, but alter the kinds
of scientists and engineers they are. To anyone who’s attended Maker
Faire, seen what it does for children, and felt its effects on
oneself, there’s really nothing more to say.

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