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When content customization is baked in, ownership trumps access

Corey Pressman addresses the digital-era quandary of ownership versus access.

For existing ebook converts already untethered from the symbolic function of a book collection, access to content is quite compelling, says Exprima Media's Corey Pressman. But he says for personalization and customization, ownership is important.

Publishing News: Publishing startups bet on curation and apps

A look at three publishing startups, Romenesko retires, and Jer Thorp discusses data at the NYT.

The TOC Sneak Peek webcasts continue, Poynter gets a part-time employee while Romenesko plans a new blog, and Jer Thorp talks about being a data artist at the New York Times.

Multitouch and the quest to make ereaders more flexible than paper

Pinch. Flip. Curate? LiquidText brings multitouch control to content.

The next TOC Sneak Peek webcast will feature Craig Tashman, founder and CEO of LiquidText, a multitouch software solution for digital marginalia and content manipulation. Here, Tashman talks about how the company got started and how it might change ereading.

Support vs Access: Why Highlighter picked Seattle

A new tech-publishing startup chose Seattle over New York or Silicon Valley.

Seattle is where it's at, at least for the recently launched annotation application Highlighter. Co-founder and CEO Josh Mullineaux talks about the company, where it's headed, and why Seattle is home.

Notes that don't break the reading flow

The flexibility of the digital page offers considerable promise for notes.

When you move away from the passage you're currently reading to consult a note you lose your connection in a very literal way. The digital canvas provided by ebooks and ereaders can change this.

Marginalia is still alive in the digital world

Joep Kuijper on the Openmargin marginalia platform and iPad app.

It's time to stop lamenting the death of marginalia at the hands of digital publishing and actually do something about it. Openmargin, a startup in the Netherlands, has done just that.

Publishing News: How to improve ebook marginalia

Improving ebook note tools, ask for data and you'll get it, the ABA partners with On Demand Books

Pete Meyers suggests ways to improve ebook note-taking tools, publishers can actually get consumer data from Apple, and the American Booksellers Association wants its member stores to have Espresso Book Machines.

3 ways to improve ebook note taking

It's time for ebooks to evolve beyond their basic note-taking tools.

Ebook note-taking needs attention. The upside is that the ereader company that builds the best tools could also create a competitive advantage.

Reports of marginalia's demise have been exaggerated

Digital didn't kill marginalia. In fact, digital could turn it into a revenue source.

As The New York Times bemoans the death of marginalia, forward thinking members of the publishing community have visions of a new digital revenue stream.