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LinkedIn Announces New Research Platform

At the Money:Tech conference, Mike Gamson of LinkedIn announced their new line of business to provide primary research services to financial markets, the LinkedIn Research Network. While the service isn't going live for several months, Mike outlined the core of the value proposition, which I could sum up as a Web 2.0 version of the Gerson-Lehman Group's expert network. Gerson…

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Jim Cramer, unplugged [MoneyTech]

Those who know Jim Cramer only from the final segment on his nightly CNBC screamfest are missing someone as reasonable as he is entertaining. That more balanced Cramer spoke with Money:Tech conference chair Paul Kedrosky this morning about how technology has changed investing. Kedrosky noted that, compared to 20 years ago, "we're all quants today" because we have so much…

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If you can't be at the conference, at least join the prediction markets [MoneyTech]

Money:Tech is about to begin and we'll be reporting from the conference. For those not here who'd like to play along with our conference prediction markets, join in….

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