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Stop fishing and start feasting: How citable public documents will change your life

Putting government documents and data online is a great step towards making our government process more transparent to the people it serves, but in many ways simply making the material available is like serving someone dinner by giving them a pond full of fish. The pond is huge and the poor dinner guest doesn't have any tools. Worse, they're only looking for one particular bass, and every time someone sends them to where they last saw the fish it's long gone.

A National Scan Center: A Public Works Project

A small fraction of our stimulus package in the United States should be invested in a National Scan Center, a 5-year effort to scan paper, microfiche, audio, video, and other works across the government, with a particular focus in reducing the digitization backlog faced by agencies such as the National Archives.

What Will Open Gov Look Like in Five Years and in One Year?

Someone asked me the other day what I thought open governance was going to look like in five years. The more interesting question, I think, is what is it going to look like in a year? Five years from now, the open gov ecosystem looks a lot like the web itself. It's huge. There are parts that are open source and used freely by all, there are parts that are proprietary and profit-generating.