"oscon2011" entries

To get things done, be "reasonably unreasonable"

John Graham-Cumming on how he got the UK government to apologize for its past treatment of Alan Turing.

In 2009, John Graham-Cumming, VP of engineering at Causata, Inc., started a campaign to get the UK to apologize for its treatment of Alan Turing in the 1950s. Here he talks about how he made the campaign a success.

Make your nomination for the OSCON Data Innovation Award

Get your nomination in for the OSCON Data Innovation Award by July 18.

The OSCON Data Innovation Award will honor a person, project or company that's made a significant contribution to the data management field. Nominations are due by July 18.

JavaFX 2.0: Making RIA with Java

JavaFX 2.0 looks to make rich Java web applications easier

Jim Weaver, founder of JMentor, explains why JavaFX could become a viable contender in the Rich Internet Applications world.

Seven reasons you should use Java again

Java deserves another look. Here's why.

Sixteen years on, this ain't your father's Java. Here's seven reasons why Java is worth your time.

A rough guide to JVM languages

Java is as much about the JVM as it is the language.

This overview of JVM-based programming compares the relative strengths of the major languages.

Seven Java projects that changed the world

Celebrating a decade of game-changing Java software.

Reaching beyond mere adoption, these seven projects have had a profound effect on the Java world, software development in general, and even our daily lives.

Into the wild and back again

Ryo Chijiiwa, a software engineer who left it all behind, shares the benefits of off-the-grid living.

Burnt out from years of school and tech work, Ryo Chijiiwa quit his job and moved off the grid. In this interview, Chijiiwa talks about how solitude and time in the wilderness has changed his perspective on work and life.

Music and lyrics and code

Geek Choir founder Michael Brewer on how coding and music connect.

Coding is an art, says Michael Brewer, application programmer specialist at the University of Georgia. In this interview, Brewer discusses the philosophy behind Geek Choir and how it relates to coding and open source.

How Netflix handles all those devices

Netflix's Matt McCarthy on building apps that work across platforms.

Matt McCarthy explains how WebKit and A/B testing play important roles on Netflix's many apps. Plus: Platform lessons Netflix has learned that apply to other developers and companies.

What CouchDB can do for HTML5, web apps and mobile

The utility of CouchApps and how CouchDB could shape mobile.

OSCON speaker Bradley Holt talks about what CouchDB offers web developers, how the database works with HTML5, and why CouchApps could catch on.