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MySQL in 2012: Report from Percona Live

Checking in on the state of MySQL.

Contrasting deployments at craigslit and Pinterest, trends, commercial offerings, and more

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Oracle's NoSQL

Oracle's NoSQL Database is more than a product. It's also an acknowledgement.

Oracle's announcement of a NoSQL product isn't just a validation of key-value stores, but of the entire discussion of database architecture.

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Percona's mini-conferences target the evolution of MySQL

Percona's goal is to bring MySQL expertise out of the Silicon Valley and build community around MySQL in many locations.

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Wrap-up of 2011 MySQL Conference

Key themes from MySQL 2011. Plus, what you sacrifice when you use a NoSQL solution.

Two dominant themes emerged at MySQL 2011: Mix your relational database with less formal solutions and move to the cloud. This may actually be the best environment MySQL has ever enjoyed.

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