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Search Notes: Trying to understand Facebook's whisper campaign

Facebook's PR gaffe, the Chromebook debuts, and dreams of text-free searching.

In the latest Search Notes: A look at the curious campaign against Google's Social Circle, the Chromebook is an I/O highlight, and Google Goggles hints at a new kind of search.

Search Notes: The future is mobile. And self-driving cars

Foursquare 3.0 and local search, Google's mobile search dominance, and awesome autonomous cars.

In the latest edition of Search Notes: How Foursquare 3.0 could shape personalization and local search, and a look at Google's mobile search dominance. Plus: self-driving cars, just because they're amazing.

Startups get social with browser extensions

HayStaks and Wajam extensions bring social hooks to search results.

Browser extensions from companies like HayStaks and Wajam merge social data intro traditional search results.

Smaller search engines tap social platforms

Some niche engines are using social activity as a search signal.

Integrating social media into search engines is one thing, but engines like Foodily and BuzzFeed's Pop Culture Search are basing some of their results on social platform activity.

Social search gets closer to home

Search startup Greplin lets you search your stuff across several social media platforms.

Searching the Internet for information you don't have is one thing, but what if you've misplaced a link or a note and don't remember where that communication took place? That's where Greplin comes in.

5 assumptions about social search

A look at the possibilities and issues attached to social search.

"Facebook: The Missing Manual" author E. A. Vander Veer considers some of the deeper implications of social search.

Search Notes: Paid links don't pay off

J.C. Penney gets the pointy end of search results; slight shifts in search market share; build your own blacklist

In the first installment of our weekly Search Notes: Paid links don't yield good results for J.C. Penney and Forbes, Bing makes slight gains in market share, a new Chrome extension lets you enact your own blacklist, and Google adds more social signals.

Indexing the social signal

Charlene Li on the problems and possibilities of social search and realtime updates.

Search engines used to leisurely index static results, but the rise of social media and real-time updates has changed the game. In this interview, Altimeter Group founder Charlene Li looks at how search will have to adapt to this new environment.

For social search, similarity could trump friendship

There's a difference between people you know and the people you're like.

Social search is similar to pre-Google traditional search: results feel arbitrary and unreliable. But a focus on similarity could push social search into a new phase.