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Four short links: 20 December 2012

Four short links: 20 December 2012

SQL Indexes, Instagram Effects in JS, Evil Fake Keyboard, and Preschool UX

  1. Use The Index, Luke — free ebook on tuning SQL database access.
  2. CamanJS — Instagram-like filters in Javascript, permissively-licensed open source. (via VentureBeat)
  3. Don’t Stick That There — USB device pretending to be a keyboard. The benefit of this is that even with USB auto-run disabled, our exploit will still work as it emulates a keyboard. No one ever blocks USB keyboards! (via David Sklar)
  4. Best Practices: Designing Touch Tablet Experiences for Preschoolers (Sesame Workshop) — the good people at Sesame Street Workshop tell what works and what doesn’t when you make tablet touch UIs for kids. Double Tap: Children expect immediate feedback from their touch and tend to think the app is unresponsive when a double tap is required. We suggest only using double tap to prevent a child from accidental navigation (e.g., leaving an activity, accessing parent content).

Buttons were an inspired UI hack, but now we've got better options

Josh Clark on the future of touch and other types of UI.

Global Moxie founder and "Tapworthy" author Josh Clark discusses touch UIs and the future of computer interaction. He believes touch is just the beginning; we need to also think about content in the context of speech, facial expression and physical gestures.

What we could do with really big touchscreens

Ten-inch tablets are just the start of the touchscreen publishing revolution.

If we could combine the touchscreen's ability to signal our layout wishes with the large displays and workspaces that many of us enjoy at our work desks, wouldn't that change the kinds of documents we create?