"VistA" entries

OSEHRA's first challenge: VistA version control

The VA VistA EHR resists version control systems, which prevents open collaboration.

Veteran Affairs' VistA electronic health record system is famously resistant to being managed by version control. That needs to improve if VistA development is to be run as a meritocracy.

OSEHRA and the future of VA VistA

Veterans Affairs launches its electronic health record system as an open-source project.

Veterans Affairs is taking the bold step of making governance of the VistA system open source. If you care about healthcare software, the new Open Source Electronic Health Record Agent (OSEHRA) is worth your involvement.

The software behind the VA health care transformation

A review of Phillip Longman's book "Best Care Anywhere."

The Department of Veterans Affairs' efforts have become health care industry buzz, and its illustrious VistA software often makes the news. In this post, Andy Oram reviews Phillip Longman's VA book "Best Care Anywhere," and examines VistA's influence on software and development.