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Gov 2.0 Week in Review

Supreme Court ruling on privacy in the workplace, Gov 2.0 Hero Day, responding to the BP oil spill, Knight Foundation Winners and a "Do Not Pay" list

This week's review comes as the nation comes to grips with the expanding scope of its worst environmental disaster in living memory, as the extent of the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico becomes more clear. Despite the dire circumstances, the fact that I was able to stream President Barack Obama's first address to the nation from the Oval…

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Making Site Architecture Search-Friendly: Lessons From whitehouse.gov

Guest blogger Vanessa Fox is co-chair of the new O'Reilly conference Found: Search Acquisition and Architecture. Find more from Vanessa at ninebyblue.com and janeandrobot.com. Vanessa is also entrepreneur in residence at Ignition Partners, and Features Editor at Search Engine Land. Yesterday, as President-elect Obama became president Obama, we geeky types filled the web with chatter about change. That change of…

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change.gov Becomes whitehouse.gov

change.gov Becomes whitehouse.gov

In all the excitement of the inauguration today, I wanted to call out one amazing success story. Today, change.gov became WhiteHouse.gov. For those of us in tech, this is an amazing affirmation. Not only did the Web 2.0 principles of user-engagement, viral outreach, rapid development, and real-time intelligence help Obama to win the presidency, he's bringing the same principles and…

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