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CIO: Chief Inspiration Officer?

Creating a tech vision is one of the most effective things a CIO can do.

Inspiring staff through a tech strategy is one of the lowest costs, yet most effective activities a CIO can do. A vision that produces positive results reminds everyone why we do this work.

In defense of games in the workplace

"Gamestorming" author Dave Gray on how games cut through creative chaos.

Dave Gray, co-author of Gamestorming, contends that an embrace and understanding of game mechanics can yield benefits in many work environments, particularly those where old hierarchical models are no longer applicable. Gray discusses the collaborative power of games in the following Q&A.

A constellation you should know

A look at Chicago's i.c.stars educational program.

This blog post has been sitting on my computer’s desktop for a few weeks now…. I’m finally getting around to telling you about a great week I had at the end of May. It started off with a brief trip to Northern California with stops at Dale’s amazing Maker Faire (equally impressive were his sprinting skills as he leapt into…