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Tim lives in Evanston, IL, about thirteen miles North of Chicago, he maintains his own blog at www.discursive.com, and is also frequent contributor to O'Reilly Broadcast covering a range of topics including Science, Technology, and Government. When Tim isn't chasing the news, he is developing hybrid enterprise architectures for a range of clients and writing technical books. After having authored four traditional computer books with O'Reilly: Jakarta Commons Cookbook, Maven: The Definitive Guide, Harnessing Hibernate, and Maven: A Developer's Notebook; Tim has dedicated himself to exploring the emerging area of Free, Open Writing and is currently working to develop several open titles including the Common Java Cookbook.

Bob Lee on Java references and the state of Java

Square CTO Bob Lee digs into Java's current position.

In this short interview from JavaOne, Square CTO Bob Lee discusses Java references and weighs in on the state of Java and the industry.

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Ruby is for Java

Bob McWhirter on Ruby, Java and TorqueBox.

Bob McWhirter, JBoss Fellow, Codehaus Despot, and creator of TorqueBox, discusses the boundary between Java and Ruby and his efforts to make Torquebox "a real first-class Ruby platform that works the way Rubyists expect".

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Dramatic Increase in Number of Tor Clients from Iran: Interview with Tor Project and the EFF

The Tor Project produces an anonymous proxy services which allows users to evade surveillance. In this interview, Andrew Lewman talks about the Tor Project and discusses some statistics that show its increased use from with Iran. This article also includes some questions and answers with the EFF about the legal implications of running an open proxy server.

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Sarah Milstein on Iranian Protests and Twitter

In this 10 minute interview, Sarah Milstein, co-author of The Twitter Book, discusses Twitter’s impact on the Iranian protests, the emerging relationship between Twitter and breaking news stories, and she addressed the fear of inadvertent transparency within immediate social messaging communications media.

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Interesting Questions Raised by Iranian Twitter Activism

Development (4:10 PM CST): The State Department has been in contact with Twitter to make sure that the service remained available for protestors in Iran (reuters). Last Friday, Twitter started to digest the Iranian election results, and the tool became a powerful vehicle for protest and coordination for student protestors within Iran and interested parties outside the country.

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Google Announces Support for Microformats and RDFa

Don't miss James Turner's Interview with Google Engineering's Othar Hansson and RV Guha On Tuesday, Google introduced a feature called Rich Snippets which provides users with a convenient summary of a search result at a glance. They have been experimenting with microformats and RDFa, and are officially introducing the feature and allowing more sites to participate. While the Google announcement…

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NiN's Rob Sheridan on iPhone Application Rejection

In this interview with Rob Sheridan (@rob_sheridan), Nine Inch Nails' Artistic Director, Rob discusses the experience of getting the rejection letter from Apple, and what effect it has on the band's plans to build community applications on the iPhone platform. You'll hear Sheridan express an uneasiness that Apple can act as judge and jury without providing any transparency into the approval process.

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W. David Stephenson on the Federal CIO: Vivek Kundra

W David Stephenson discusses his experiences with the new Federal CIO: Vivek Kundra. Stephenson talks about his experiences working as a consultant for Kundra in the DC government and he outlines what we can expect from Kundra during his tenure as Federal CIO in the OMB.

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Vivek Kundra: Federal CIO in His Own Words

This article contains several audio excerpts and transcripts from Vivek Kundra's first conference call as the newly appointed Federal CIO. After weeks of speculation it was formally announced today that President Obama has appointed Kundra, who had previously been serving as the CTO for Washington D.C.. In his previous position, Kundra pushed the boundaries of Information Technology and set the standard for transparency and accountability adopting Google Apps as a collaboration platform, video taping vendor interactions, and instituting a rigorous regime of metrics and accountability for government contracts.

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