William O'Connor

As CTO for Achieve Internet, William (Bill) O'Connor oversees Achieve's Open Source, Drupal and Healthcare Technology Development teams as well as company wide technology decisions, initiatives and innovations. Leveraging both his skill in development along with his ability to lead, share and create, O'Connor has truly enhanced not only Achieve, but also the Drupal community. His contributions have helped to ensure Drupal remains a global leader in Open Source content management systems. He has been focused on developing highly engaging and flexible Open Source platforms for current Healthcare clients as well as identifying the needs of the market on a whole and determining ways in which OSS can provide value to the industry.

The Drupal API turns a CMS into a true enterprise application

With its flexible API, Drupal integrates with 3rd party tools — a functionality that could revolutionize health care technology.

Contributing author: Ben Schluter


Drupal is well known as a Content Management System (CMS) — famously used by the White House and elsewhere. At the company where I work, Achieve Internet, we view Drupal as more than just a CMS — we see it as a powerful web application platform with capabilities to integrate multiple sources of information. Sporting a far-reaching and flexible API, Drupal can link together other platforms that provide APIs, such as enterprise productivity systems or electronic health records (EHRs), and essentially provide Drupal’s web pages as an interface to these systems on both a read and write basis. The growth of the platform and the community has put Drupal in a position to revolutionize the concept of a traditional CMS in one market sector after another, from the media and entertainment industries to education, travel, and government. Read more…