Linkfromdomain from Live Search

Yesterday, Live Search released a cool, new operator that allows you search based on links from a domain. This has a lot of power and is not available on Yahoo! or Google. It’s good for finding content that has been linked to from a blogger or social site. Here are some examples: robot videos on youtube –, PDF links on – pdf , or calendar links from Gigaom: calendar. This can be very powerful when combined their Search Macros – a user-defined and shared operator. Live Search blogger, Andy Edmonds, has more on this combo.
The Live Search blog has a pretty good explanation of how this operator interacts with its other operator linkdomain:.

The visual below depicts “” and a set of related sites. The Blue nodes represent sites with reciprocal links, while the yellow nodes are sites you link to, and the green nodes sites that link to you. Here’s how you would capture these domains with advanced syntax:


Green + Blue – >
Yellow + Blue ->
Green + Yellow + Blue -> |

There is one catch in the functionality. Note that I did not use my own blog ( –  in any examples and that i had to call using ( mac).  Linkfromdomain: is not able to search based on subdomain. Thus you can search allof blogspot, but not any individual blogspot blog. The Live team is aware of this, but there is no word on where it is in the pipeline.